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Morrey Spaces ebook

Morrey Spaces ebook

Morrey Spaces by David R. Adams

Morrey Spaces

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Morrey Spaces David R. Adams ebook
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
ISBN: 9783319266794
Format: pdf
Page: 92

Later on, his condition became a family of normed spaces and they are called Morrey spaces. In the present paper, we consider the non-smooth atomic decomposition of generalized Orlicz-Morrey spaces. Morrey spaces, and ƒÉ-central Carleson measures. The result will be sharper than the existing results. We prove non interpolation results for the family of Morrey spaces. Let , be real numbers such that , and . In the present paper, we investigate the predual of the Morrey spaces with non- doubling measures. We The spaces Lp,ƒ¿, for the range ƒ¿ ¸ (0, n/p] and p ¸ [1, ‡], were introduced by Morrey . Josefina Alvarez and Joseph Lakey. Department of Mathematics, New Mexico State University,.

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